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What makes us good?

ESL Global has been established in 2013 as a third party employment provider in China. Our company is a result of clear understanding and a great passion for ESL teaching industry in China. We have put all the knowledge and experience, gained by dealing with various issues that had come up during our work. We constantly learn, improve and develop our skills for even better service.

  1. Have a peaceful and smooth stay in China:
    Long term visas for all the participants and their friends/relatives to go with.
  2. Comfort living - guaranteed:
    We personally choose and evaluate the quality level of provided housing to our teachers.
  3. You won’t be lonely:
    Since the first day of arrival you’ll be surrounded by our numerous managers and assistants to help you with any working or leisure stuff.
  4. Stay up to date:
    Our unique private App will keep you updated with everything you need to know while in China.

Feedback from our ESL teachers

Got a chance - a crime to waste.

I’ve come to China as there were not so many chances to develop and simply make ends meet in my home country. Here, i’ve gotten lots of positivity, new knowledge and a great potential to grow as mentally as professionally. Thanks a lot to ESL Global for giving me such a life time opportunity.

I dreamed of changes and i’ve made it!

Ironically, my way to China happened to be by an absolute coincidence! However, yet, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Tones of fun every day with kids, being recognized as a “move star” anywhere you go and just being treated so well all the time. I am grateful to be here. ESL Global is a big pleasure to cooperate with.

I applied for this program with quite a doubt but in just 2 weeks already i landed in Beijing!

Many thanks to ESL Global for finally getting me here. It sometimes comes as a great challenge to get out of your comfort zone. But once you do - you know that it was the only reasonable decision. And i am very glad that i made this decision as life just got much brighter and happier. If there is any obstacle on your way to here - overcome it!

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